Ocean Ambassador

Tabitha Lipkin

From Fox 5 Sports Anchor to Dive Master to Zipline Tour Guide, there's nothing Tabitha can't do. She has a true passion for adventure above and below the surface.


"The world is a beautiful and mysterious place...and although we may all be different, we all share the common bond of humanity."
When and why did you start diving?
I started in 2010 through a course at the University of Texas with a legendary diver... Peter Oliver.
What is your spirit fish (or mammal/reptile) and why?
Flying Fish. Because I love the skies as much as I love the oceans below them.
What do you enjoy most about diving?
The feeling of of total freedom.


How do you approach non-divers to get them excited about learning to dive?


I try to explain the freedom one feels verses the idea they would feel trapped... And the fact that they can do something that humans just 100 years ago would have never had the opportunity to experience.


Most memorable dive experience?


White Valley in Papeete, Tahiti. Hundreds of black tip reef sharks, thousands of fish, and the best visibility I've ever experienced.


Dream dive: where and with who (alive or not)?


Raja Ampat with Spencer Louis Savard


Favorite piece of Aqua Lung equipment?


I love my galaxy AquaFlex suit!


Diving skill you are working to improve?




What steps are you taking to improve the health of our oceans? Any advice for others who want to help?


I believe education is the biggest factor in helping conservation efforts and relying information in a positive and meaningful way that EVERYONE can understand (not just divers). I try and use my platform as a TV personality to do that as often as possible through telling meaningful stories within the conservation world. Not all conservationist are the same. There is an entire spectrum of people and personalities that want to help... Even if it is something as small as bringing their own bag to the grocery story, or using reusable water bottles.


Any hidden talents?


I can smile and frown at the same time. It's a great icebreaker.

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