Aqua Lung Partners

We have partnered up with some of the best dive operations around the world. Guaranteed a great trip with the best equipment and the most trusted dive operators.

Agressor Fleet

The mission of Aggressor Fleet is to provide scuba divers with the highest quality, most innovative and safest live-aboard experience possible. Aggressor Fleet offers unparalleled customer service and the most comfortable dive yachts, accessing the best diving locations around the world.

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Red Sail Sports

Red Sail Sports opened in 1987 at the Grand Cayman Beach Suites Hotel on Grand Cayman. They started with two dive boats, some beach toys and about 20 enthusiastic staff members. Since then, Red Sail Sports has built a reputation as one of the world's leading resort watersports operators. Red Sail Sports philosophy has remained the same throughout the years: Give the customer the highest quality service possible.

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Stuart Cove's

Stuart Cove's Aqua Adventures is Nassau's premier attraction featuring water-based activities. The company is divided into five divisions. Three divisions offer activities for tourists on the island - Dive Bahamas, Snorkel Bahamas and SUB Bahamas. The remaining two divisions are Fin Photo and Stuart Cove's Underwater Productions.

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Worldwide Dive and Sail

Worldwide Dive and Sail is owned by Frank Van Der Linde, Mark Shandur, Steve Wessel and Brett Robertson. They maintain a very hands on approach to running the business and are supported by an international team of experienced divers and travel experts.

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