Bali 3mm Wetsuit - Men's

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The Bali wetsuit is inspired by the beautiful coral reefs in Flores, Indonesia. Aqua Lung is a proud partner of Coral Guardian, a coral reef conservation association that is working to protect and replant corals in that area. 


The Bali suit is designed for warm water diving and offers well-thought out features for extra comfort and protection. UV protection ensures the beautiful look of your Bali will last a long time.

ABOUT Bali 3mm Wetsuit - Men's

Product Details


  • Environmentally friendly: high-quality 3 mm neoprene does not include petroleum products or poly-aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).
  • Comfortable flat seam stitching against bare skin.
  • V shape collar for extra comfort.
  • Mesh-skin chest protector, wind and abrasion resistant.
  • Smooth rolled edges at the wrists and ankles to limit water entry.
  • Supratex knee pads provide excellent scratch resistance, plus the added benefit of greater flexibility.
  • Graphics embossed at the wrist to keep your dive computer in place.

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