Fusion Bullet with AirCore


As our premium Fusion model, the Bullet has been engineered for the harshest diving environments. The Fusion line is based on our patented Dual Layer System originally designed for the Special Forces. The Bullet features a breathable AirCore inner layer paired with a protective super-stretch neoprene outer layer. Strategically placed GatorTech Pro™ armor and reinforced seams ensure maximum durability. The Bullet is a rugged design, to endure any adventure.


  • Patented Dual Layer System means safer and easier diving
  • Breathable AirCore Inner Layer delivers maximum comfort
  • Super-stretch Neoprene Outer Layer provides excellent mobility and streamlining
  • Rugged GatorTech Pro™ Knees extend the product life
  • Seal Lock Technology (SLT) Neck & Wrists offer quick seal replacements
  • RapidZip System improves drying time and allows product to be upgraded
  • TwinZip Expansion Pockets and D-rings provide generous secure storage
  • Pocket Support System prevents pockets from riding down
  • Ankle Zippers ease donning and doffing
  • Deluxe Suspender with 3D AirMesh Backpad secures drysuit in place
  • 6 Thread Mauser Seams maximize durability
  • Apeks Auto Exhaust Valve for hands off buoyancy control