Neoprene Leg Strap

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This Neoprene Leg Strap is built for function and comfort. Regular rubber leg straps are often hard to adjust and uncomfortable. The large Fastex buckles make the straps easy to adjust and don/doff. The skin-out neoprene back reduces slipping and the Supratex front is abrasion resistant. The double layer Hook-and-loop attachment system works with most Aqua Lung dive knives.

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ABOUT Neoprene Leg Strap

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  • 5mm Neoprene with skin-out back and Supratex front
  • Two Duraflex Fastex buckles
  • Double layer Hook-and-loop attachment system
  • 35" adjustable straps for thigh, calf or arm locations
  • Compatible with most Aqua Lung dive knives

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